Cancellation Information

If any services or events being held at the church need to be cancelled due to weather conditions, please check our website (, Facebook (Schwarzwald Lutheran Church), Channel 69 — WFMZ-TV Stormcenter, or our answering machine (610-779-3480) for cancellation information.



Assisting Ministers

7                       Peg Gumpert

14  Palm Sun.  Russ Frey

18  M. Thur.    Susan Johns

21  8:00 HC      Denton Quick

10:30 HC   Greg Pomian

28                    Mark Hoover

Usher Team Captains

3    7:00 Lent   Kevin Kennedy

7                       Ken Bryant

10  7:00 Lent   Denton Quick

14  Palm Sun.  Walt Smithson

18  M. Thur.    Bob Rutherford

19  Good Fri.   Bob Rutherford

21   8:00 HC      TBD

10:30 HC   Kevin Kennedy

28                    Jim Kohler


5     HC                    Ken Bryant


Communion Assistants

14  Palm Sun.  Russ Frey, Greg Pomian, Denton Quick, Ginni Frey

18  M. Thur.    Susan Johns, Peg Gumpert, Barry Hoover, Ginni Frey

21  8:00 HC      Denton Quick, Russ Frey, Susan Johns, Ginni Frey

10:30 HC   Greg Pomian, Christy D’Angelo, Mark Hoover, Ginni Frey



3    7:00 Lent   Danny Woodford

7                       Brody Oswald

10  7:00 Lent   Chase Cupitt

14  Palm Sun.  Acolytes:  Samantha Kerber and Charlie Brumbaugh

Crucifer:  Tony D’Angelo

18  M. Thur.    Acolytes:  Noelle Rutherford and Harry Brumbaugh

Crucifer:  Tony D’Angelo

21  8:00 HC      Acolytes:  Aimee and Hailee Oswald

Crucifer:  Lukas Kohler

10:30 HC   Acolytes:  Jenna Russo and Harry Brumbaugh

Crucifer:  Josh Shaffer

28                    Nathan Morgan


5     HC          Ashley Doll and Jay Worrall