Schwarzwald Lutheran Church offers the following Sunday School classes during the regular school year.

  • Parent & Me

Parents attend with their children age 4 and under; craft, Bible story, music with parents assisting their children (when needed); led by one teacher with other parent volunteers.

  • Elementary/Grade School



1st-2nd grade

3rd – 4th grade

5th – 6th grade

Lessons include the Bible story and then an activity

  • Junior/Senior High

Discussion based classes that usually involve two off-site classes (one outdoor, and one evangelism opportunity).

  • Adult Sunday School

Explores a new topic or theme every week.


In addition, we offer the following educational programs:

  • First Communion

A basic understanding that the Body and Blood of Christ himself is present in the elements (bread and wine). Generally offered for 2nd graders.

  • Confirmation

Students in 8th and 9th grade complete a 2-year curriculum to prepare to boldly and confidently make promises to God, affirm their Baptism, and continue to live out their faith in the church.

  • Music, Art & Drama (MAD) Camp

Our version of Vacation Bible School; a one-week camp to learn a show, music, create sets and props. Children are fed dinner and snack each night of camp.